Use of IKEv2 in the Fibre Channel Security Association Management Protocol
RFC 4595

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Comment (2005-09-27)
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From Gen-ART review by Elwyn Davies:

s4.1, last para: It might be good to cite RFC2402RFC2406/draft-ietf-ipsec-esp-ah-algorithms-02.txt to cover all the 'standard' algorithms rather than one specific algorithm (RFC3602).  Also it would probably be good to make it crystal clear that any future transforms that might be invented to go with ESP would be available for use for Fibre Channel.

s4.2, last para: Nothing is said here about alternative future integrity algorithms.  Given recent discussion about attacks on MD5 and SHA1, and general views about the need for security algorithms to be replaceable limiting integrity protection to just two current algorithms is not a good idea.

s8.1: I would consider refs FC-FS, FC-GS and FC-SP as normative.

s8.2: I think RFCs 2625, 3643 and 3821 are informative as the various payloads are not IP encapsulated.

Editorial nits:
s4, para 3: s/Preambol/Preamble/

s4, last para: s/Security Association for/Security Associations for/

s4.1: Fields are 'normalized before computation': presumably this is clear to somebody skilled in the Fibre Channel arts but a ref to the appropriate piece of specification or an inline description would help for the unenlightened.

s4.1, Figure 1: Technically the 'Auth' coverage should be 'Integrity' coverage (and this would match with the corresponding figure in draft-ietf-ipsec-esp-v3-10.txt).

s5.2, para 2: s/protocol ID/protocol IDs/

s5.4, para 5 (next to last): s/he function/the function/

s5.4, last para: s/Associaton/Association/

s6, para 2: s/then there are no theoretical limitations/so that there are no a priori limitations/ (the previous phrase gives the theoretical limit of 4GB!)

s8.2: Should be entitled Normative References

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