The Tao of IETF - A Novice's Guide to the Internet Engineering Task Force
RFC 4677

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 08 and is now closed.

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Comment (2006-05-25 for -)
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I have two comments on Section 10.1, IETF liaisons with other SDOs

First, it currently says that some of the liaison tasks fall on
the IAB and some on IESG. But the actual formal responsibility
is on the IAB to manage the liaison relationships. So the
text should be corrected.

But that relates to my other comment. Perhaps you could
add something that emphasizes the IETF's preference for
taking issues directly to the WGs; WG members, chairs,
ADs, etc. all have a role in the actual joint work,
and the formal liaison discussions are there to just
support that.

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Comment (2006-05-25 for -)
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Section 2., para. 1:

>    The original version of this document, published in 1994, was written
>    by Gary Malkin.  His knowledge of the IETF, insights, and unmatched
>    writing style set the standard for this later revision, and his
>    contributions to the current draft are also much appreciated.  Paul
>    Hoffman wrote significant portions of this revision and provided
>    encouragement, expertise, and much-needed guidance.  Other
>    contributors include Brian Carpenter, Scott Bradner, Michael Patton,
>    Donald E. Eastlake III, Tony Hansen, the IETF Secretariat, members of
>    the User Services Working Group, and members of the PESCI design
>    team.

        Nit: Section usually located towards the end.

Section 3.2.2., para. 11:

>    Transport (TSV)         Special services for special packets

        Nit: We should really come up with something better for TSV :-)

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Comment (2006-05-24 for -)
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The document says:

  The IESG ratifies or corrects the output from the
   IETF's Working Groups, gets WGs started and finished, and makes sure
   that non-WG drafts that are about to become RFCs are correct.

I think "ratifies or corrects" would be better put as "reviews and advances".

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Comment (2006-05-24 for -)
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  Section 7 has the following title:
  > ** New to the IETF and Coming to a Meeting? STOP HERE! (Temporarily)
  > **
  I undertand the point, but the stars should be removed to avoid
  line wrap.

  A better title for Section 8.1 is "Getting a Document Published".  I
  think this is better because it includes discussion about documents
  that are not on the standards track.

  Section 8.4.5: s/everyone agrees to abide by/everyone agrees to follow/

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Comment (2006-05-24 for -)
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Trivial detail that you have probably already thought of ... Can you get commitment to make the URLs in the document be stable over the long term?

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