RTP Payload Format for MIDI
RFC 4695

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 15 and is now closed.

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Comment (2006-02-03)
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All comments were addressed by the -15 versions.

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rtp-midi-guidelines has the following text:

We now show example code that implements the actions the parties take
during the session.  The code is written in C, and uses the sockets API
and other POSIX systems calls.  We show code for the first party (the
second party takes a symmetric set of actions).

I think it would be valuable to include references here; I can assume which C  
is meant by the reference to posix, but it can't hurt to nail it down.

The information in 6.2 on the target network characteristics seems like it would 
be valuable earlier, and it might be useful to consider adding to the introductory material.

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  Please delete the change log prior to publication.

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Document: draft-ietf-avt-rtp-midi-format-14.txt

Page 33:  c=IN IP6 FF1E:03AD::7F2E:172A:1E24
Page 95:  c=IN IP6 FF1E:03AD::7F2E:172A:1E24
Page 109: c=IN IP6 FF1E:03AD::7F2E:172A:1E24
Page 113: c=IN IP6 FF1E:03AD::7F2E:172A:1E24
Page 116: c=IN IP6 FF1E:03AD::7F2E:172A:1E24
Page 121: c=IN IP6 FF1E:03AD::7F2E:172A:1E24

These do not look like IPv6 example addresses as required per RFC3849.
That is, they should be from the set: 2001:DB8::/32

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