Transport Mappings for Real-time Application Quality-of-Service Monitoring (RAQMON) Protocol Data Unit (PDU)
RFC 4712

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Comment (2006-02-14)
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  Change real phone number from Bangladesh to a valid example phone number.
  RFC 3761's example +44-116-496-0348 is a set-aside number that is usable.

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It is just for information:

Similar to Ted's Discuss - the framework says it can collect a measurement
of the RTP traffic and "application" traffic which is the related
signaling traffic for the RTP stream.  But there is no way here to
associate the two and know which signaling PDUs go with which RTP PDUs
in the measured stream.  The SDP exchanges which establish these bindings
are not captured, just as the SDP information about binding of port numbers
to codec types is not captured.

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