The Secure Shell (SSH) Public Key File Format
RFC 4716

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Comment (2005-09-26 for -)
Joel Halpern noted in his Gen-ART review:

...given that it identifies two header names, and calls for IETF consensus for creating more, if this were a PS it would seem to require an IANA registry.

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Comment (2005-09-29 for -)
It's not clear to the casual reader that understanding the referred section 6.6 of secsh-transport requires understanding section 5 of secsh-arch.  If someone is just trying to implement the public key format and starts with publickeyfile, they will just see the relatively opaque "string", "mpint", etc. and not understand what those translate to in the actual file format.

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Comment (2005-09-29 for -)
Eyecatching typo:

   one it's 2nd-preimage resistance, not on it's collision-

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