Experimental Values In IPv4, IPv6, ICMPv4, ICMPv6, UDP, and TCP Headers
RFC 4727

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Comment (2006-04-26)
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Section 10.2 is presumably meant to be "Informative References"

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>    When experimenting with or extending protocols, it is often necessary
>    to use some sort of protocol number or constant in order to actually
>    test or experiment with the new function, even when testing in a
>    closed environment.  This document reserves some ranges of numbers
>    for experimentation purposes in specific protocols where the need to
>    support experimentation has been identified, and describes the
>    numbers that have already been reserved by other documents.

        Instead of "specific protocols", include the list from the title?
        I didn't read the title at first and the list of protocols isn't
        anywhere in the text of the document - it may be useful to put the list
        somewhere in the Introduction, too :-)

Section 3.7., para. 1:

>    This document assignes two values for the Routing Type field in the
>    IPv6 Routing Header, TBDY and TBDZ.

        Nit: s/assignes/assigns/

Section 9., para. 3:

>    When experimental code points are deployed within an administratively
>    self-contained network domain, the network administrators should
>    ensure that each code point is used consistently to avoid
>    interference between experiments.  When experimental code points are
>    used in traffic that crosses multiple adminstrative domains

        Nit: s/adminstrative/administrative/

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