RFC 3978 Update to Recognize the IETF Trust
RFC 4748

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Comment (2006-09-13)
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From SecDir Review by Jeffrey Hutzelman:

This document updates RFC 3978 to make changes required by the
creation of the IETF Trust and the transfer of the IETF's IPR into
that trust.  This document takes the form of a section-by-section
list of amendments to the text of RFC 3978.  That means that in
order to understand what rights the IETF and the IETF trust require
in IETF contributions, and what boilerplate text must be included in
those contributions, each and every contributor has to construct the
text that actually applies by starting with RFC 3978 and applying the
changes.  That makes the requirements hard to follow and hard to

I'd much rather see the IETF come to consensus on the new text itself,
which contributors could then use directly, knowing that the text
they're looking at is the same as that approved by the IETF.

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Comment (2006-09-13)
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Nit: I believe you need a "to" after license below

>    previously authors of Contributions to the IETF would grant a license
>    ISOC, such authors will grant a license to the IETF Trust (in Section

Magnus Westerlund No Objection