RADIUS Delegated-IPv6-Prefix Attribute
RFC 4818

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Comment (2006-06-07 for -)
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Similar considerations apply to this document that were raised
for the -vlan document. But Mark already has a discuss on the
section in question, so I'm not raising the issue again.

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In addition to the sections noted by Dan and Mark, the Security considerations section appears to be specific to Radius.  If DIAMETER is also covered, it may need an update.

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Comment (2006-06-06 for -)
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1. The Abstract Section says: 

   This document defines a RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User
   Service) attribute that carries an IPv6 prefix that is to be
   delegated to the user.  This attribute is usable within either RADIUS
   or Diameter.

while the Diameter Considerations sectin says:

   A definition is needed for an identical attribute with the same Type
   value for Diameter [4].  The attribute should be available as part of
   the NASREQ application [5], as well as the Diameter EAP application

These seem to be slightly contradictory, and I suggest that the text clarifies whet ere there is a need to define something for Diameter as section 4 says, or the definition in this document applies for both as says the Abstract

2. Section 7 (Change Log) needs to be eventually taken out.

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