Requirements for Multicast in Layer 3 Provider-Provisioned Virtual Private Networks (PPVPNs)
RFC 4834

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Comment (2006-10-09 for -)
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My preference would be to use plain English instead of RFC 2119 language.

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Comment (2006-10-11 for -)
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Section 2.1., paragraph 7:
>       Forwarding table" as defined in [RFC4364], and "VR" to "Virtual
>       Router" as defined in [VRs] terminology.

  Missing Reference: 'VRs' is mentioned on line 792, but not defined

Section 2.1., paragraph 14:
>       Rendez-vous point ([PIM-SM]).

  Missing Reference: 'PIM-SM' is mentioned on line 232, but not defined

Section 5.1.12., paragraph 3:
>    A committed minimum path MTU size SHOULD be provided to customers.
>    Moreover, since Ethernet LAN segments are often located at first and
>    last hops, a minimum 1500 bytes IP MTU SHOULD be provided.

  This requirement will be hard to meet over an Internet with a much
  lower minimum PMTU.

Section 10.2., paragraph 10:
>    [RFC3446]  Kim, D., Meyer, D., Kilmer, H., and D. Farinacci, "Anycast
>               Rendevous Point (RP) mechanism using Protocol Independent

  Nit: s/Rendevous/Rendezvous/

Section 10.2., paragraph 17:
>    [RFC3353]  Ooms, D., Sales, B., Livens, W., Acharya, A., Griffoul,
>               F., and F. Ansari, "Overview of IP Multicast in a Multi-
>               Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) Environment", RFC 3353,
>               August 2002.

  Unused Reference: 'RFC3353' is defined on line 1502, but not

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Comment (2007-01-15)
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In Section 5.2.10 instead of 

' ... SNMP [RFC3411] MIBs (Management Information Bases) ...' 

Better say: 

'... SMIv2 [RFC2578] Management Information Base (MIB) modules to be used with SNMP [RFC3411] ... 

and add a reference to [RFC2578]

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