Mobile IPv4 Regional Registration
RFC 4857

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

(Jari Arkko) Yes

(Ross Callon) No Objection

(Brian Carpenter) No Objection

Comment (2006-09-11 for -)
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(from gen-ART review by Gonzalo Camarillo)

Expand NAI on its first appearance (Section 2).

(Lisa Dusseault) No Objection

(Lars Eggert) No Objection

(Ted Hardie) (was Discuss) No Objection

Comment (2006-10-27)
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I agree with Vidya that the issues she raised are not sufficient to block a document going for Experimental status, but should be addressed if Proposed Standard is considered.

(Cullen Jennings) No Objection

(David Kessens) No Objection

(Dan Romascanu) No Objection

Magnus Westerlund No Objection