Domain-Based Email Authentication Using Public Keys Advertised in the DNS (DomainKeys)
RFC 4870

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The IESG has approved the following document:

- 'Domain-based Email Authentication Using Public Keys Advertised in the 
   DNS (DomainKeys) '
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This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of an
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The IESG contact person is Russ Housley.

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Technical Summary

  The DomainKeys protocol is a domain-based, user-transparent, email
  authentication system.  It was developed outside of the IETF process.

  One of the primary goals of DomainKeys was to gain some real-world
  experience that could add value to the DKIM WG effort.

  The DomainKeys specification and the consequential deployment
  experience provided significant input for the DKIM base document, and
  DKIM is essentially an evolved version of DomainKeys.

Working Group Summary

  This document is an individual submission, and it has not been reviewed

  by the DKIM WG.

Protocol Quality

  There are numerous implementations and significant deployment.

  This document was reviewed by Russ Housley for the IESG.

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