RSVP-TE Extensions in Support of End-to-End Generalized Multi-Protocol Label Switching (GMPLS) Recovery
RFC 4872

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Comment (2006-10-20)
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From Gen-ART review by Pasi Eronen:

There is one minor nit (but IANA/RFC editor will take care of it):
sections 9.3 and 9.4 suggest the same value (198) forthe

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Comment (2006-10-23)
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Extended Tunnel ID  
        A 32-bit (or 16-byte) identifier used in the SESSION that  
        remains constant over the life of the tunnel. Normally set to  
        all zeros. Ingress nodes that wish to narrow the scope of a  
        SESSION to the ingress-egress pair MAY place their IPv4 (or  
        IPv6) address here as a globally unique identifier.  

I think it would be better to say 32-bit or 128-bit identifer; this is
more consistent, avoids the "byte is not always octet" gotcha, and seems
closer to the typical usage for v6 address discussions.

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Comment (2006-10-24)
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  When recommending the use of IPsec, please point to section 12
  of [RFC3473].

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