Network Mobility Support Terminology
RFC 4885

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Comment (2006-11-30)
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I understand acronym conflicts are hard to avoid, but "CE" seems a particularly annoying one as it is commonly referred to as "Customer Equipment" in the other half of the int-area. Given that "Entity" isn't a really descriptive term anyway, perhaps something else could be chosen? "CNR" for "Correspondent Node or Router" perhaps (this happens to encode that it can be either a CR and CN as well, which may be considered convenient)?

2.10.  Correspondent Entity (CE)

   Refers to the entity which a Mobile Router or Mobile Network Node
   attempts to establish a Route Optimization session with.  Depending
   on the Route Optimization approach, the Correspondent Entity maybe a
   Correspondent Node or Correspondent Router (see also NEMO Route
   Optimization in Section 7.5)

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