Protocol Extensions for Header Compression over MPLS
RFC 4901

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 08 and is now closed.

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Comment (2007-03-05)
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One author response to Spencer Dawkins' Gen-ART review remains open.
This would be an improvement:

If you prefer I could replace the phrasing "These sub-options do not
occur together" with the following text: "These sub-options MUST NOT
occur together, if they do (e.g., if misconfigured) a decompressor MUST
reject this option and send an explicit error message to the compressor

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Comment (2007-03-07)
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I think one should consider switching the reference to RFC 3095 to that of the approved document: draft-ietf-rohc-rfc3095bis-framework


Section 2:
 compressed Real Time Protocol (cRTP) 

Should be:

compressed Real-time Transport Protocol (cRTP)

Enhanced Compressed Real Time Porotocol (ECRTP)

Should be:

Enhanced Compressed Real-time Transport Protocol (ECRTP)

Section 2:
   Label Switching Router (LSR): an MPLS node which is capable of
   forwarding native L3 packets label stack an ordered set of labels

It seems another definition for "Label stack" has been sucked into this definition.