IPv6 Router Advertisement Option for DNS Configuration
RFC 5006

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 12 and is now closed.

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Comment (2007-06-04)
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There are MUST requirements in the section that's introduced as non-normative (section 6)

   An RDNSS MUST be used only as long as both the RA router lifetime and...

Confusing to me, perhaps this requirement comes from elsewhere that can be referenced?

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Comment (2006-09-14)
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It was not apparent their was consensus for this document.

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Comment (2007-05-20)
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This is a very interesting experiment as it has the potential to speed up
initialization time when connecting to a network.

If this were a standards track candidate I'd want a guess of how many
other DHCP options should be considered as potential ND RA options for
enhanced performance and discuss if the amount of overlap creates an
architecture problem.

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Comment (2006-09-14 for -)
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Section 5.1:

Pref          The preference of an RDNSS. 

        Addresses of IPv6 Recursive DNS Servers
                      One or more 128-bit IPv6 addresses of the
                      recursive DNS servers.

As there is only one preference field in the option and the option may contain the address to multiple servers there should be a clarification that the preference field applies to all servers listed. The language anyway isn't in synch when it comes singular and plural usage.