Requirements for Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies
RFC 5012

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Comment (2007-06-21)
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Good document.  I didn't understand this one though:

   Id9.  Discovery of visited emergency numbers:  There MUST be a
      mechanism to allow the end device to learn visited emergency

      Motivation: Travelers visiting a foreign country may observe the
      local emergency number, e.g., seeing it painted on the side of a
      fire truck, and then rightfully expect to be able to dial that
      emergency number.  Similarly, a local "good Samaritan" may use a
      tourist's cell phone to summon help

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Comment (2007-06-20)
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On Re1: It seems like the thing described in the motivation is an ASP in the definition of ASP we are using. I found this confusing but I think I agree with the underlying use cases people have in mind.

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Comment (2007-06-21)
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Review by Christian Vogt:

This document defines a set of requirements that context resolution
mechanisms should provide in support of emergency calls.  Overall, this
document is technically mature and easy to read.

A few comments on the high-level requirements, still:

- Re1 says that emergency calls should be possible independent of the
existence of an application service provider.  I would generalize this
to saying that that an emergency call should be possible independent of
whether there exists an application service provider with which the
caller -- or even better: the calling UE -- currently has a valid
account (e.g., with a high-enough balance).

- Given that the caller might not own the UE from which an emergency
call is placed, one important additional requirement should be to enable
the caller to select a language when making the call.  The UE may not be
configured to a language the caller understands.  E.g., I can envision a
user trying to make an emergency call from the camera UE of another
person, possibly the injured person, because the caller's own UE does
not support video calls, and a video call is useful for the emergency
response team to estimate the seriousness of injuries.

- Re5 talks about different URIs for different protocols, yet does not
mention that some protocols should be mandatory to support.  As the text
is now, an emergency caller may get stuck with a set of URIs none of
which is supported by its UE.

- The same holds for location data formats in Re7.

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Comment (2007-06-21)
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  Please spell out "PSAP" the first time it is used.

  Please add a reference for WGS-84.

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