Applying Signaling Compression (SigComp) to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
RFC 5049

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Comment (2007-06-05 for -)
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I'm glad the authors thought carefully about the Identifier Comparison Rules (section 9.2), but I'm worried this could still be a can'o'worms.  One problem could be with URNs that may also be IRIs.  If the original URN has extended characters, they can get canonicalized or otherwise changed in transit, and then the comparison may not work even though the generating application always initially provides the same URN.  

Is it still possible to limit the kinds of identifiers?  Perhaps recommend UUID URNs at a SHOULD level and note the difficulties in equality comparisons for other kinds of URNs?

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Comment (2007-07-15 for -)
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I think the ABNF might be better as 
   via-sip-sigcomp-id = "sigcomp-id" EQUAL quoted-string

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Comment (2007-07-18 for -)
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The Security Considerations section indicates that keeping SigComp states does not pose
additional security risks for two reasons.  I believe the second reason,

   "b) this is on a voluntary basis and a SigComp endpoint can choose not to offer it"

is irrelevant.  I suggest deleting b).

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