Raptor Forward Error Correction Scheme for Object Delivery
RFC 5053

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Comment (2007-07-19)
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Although it can be inferred from the title, it would be better to expand
"FEC" on first use in the abstract.

This document would benefit from a walk through of the encode/decode
process using some real sample data and showing the intermediate values.

I found the description of the algorithm with 1-2 letter variables
difficult to follow and eventually gave up.  I suspect I'd have better
luck following pseudo-code with more descriptive variable names.  It's
quite possible the target for this specification is a very small group
of subject matter experts in which case I'm not in the target market.
But if the target market is people who are curious about FEC and have
a BS in mathematics, then this is too opaque to reach much of that

Editorial Nits:
>   block of a object and the value of T' may not necessarily be the same
a -> an

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