Bootstrap Router (BSR) Mechanism for Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM)
RFC 5059

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Section 1., paragraph 4:
> BSR was first defined in RFC 2362 [7], which has since been obsoleted.
> This document provides an updated specification of the BSR mechanism
> from RFC 2362, and also extends it to cope with administratively scoped
> region boundaries and different flavors of routing protocols.

  I'm not sure if this document should have a header that says it
  updates RFC2362 in this case - anyone know?


Rest are nits, can fix whenever.

Section 1.1., paragraph 1:
> rest of the internet.

  Nit: s/internet./Internet./

Section 6.5., paragraph 2:
> to be applied to receival of unicast PIM packets.  The rate-limiter

  Nit: s/receival/reception/

Section 11., paragraph 2:
> [8] D. Kim, D. Meyer, H. Kilmer, D. Farinacci, "Anycast Rendevous Point

  Nit: s/Rendevous/Rendezvous/

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