Structure-Aware Time Division Multiplexed (TDM) Circuit Emulation Service over Packet Switched Network (CESoPSN)
RFC 5086

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Comment (2006-10-11)
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  Why is this going for Informational not PS?

Section 0, paragraph 5:
>  [RFC3985] and [RFC3931 ] respectively.

  Missing Reference: 'RFC 3931' is mentioned on line 1065, but not

Section 13., paragraph 1:
>  [RFC 2401] Kent S., Atkinson, R., Security Architecture for the
>  Internet Protocol, RFC 2401, November 1998

  Unused Reference: 'RFC 2401' is defined on line 1230, but not

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Comment (2006-10-11)
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  Please replace the reference with in the Abstract.  It should say
  something like "as specified in RFC xxxx"

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Comment (2006-10-12)
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This document follows the requirements and architecture defined in RFC3916 and RFC4197. RFC3916 includes in Section 6 a statement that 'Each PWE3 approach SHOULD provide some mechanisms for network operators to manage the emulated service' and then goes into more detailed requirements about how such mechanisms could be implemented. I am surprised about the lack of any managemement or operational considerations section in this document in order to show how the requirements in Section 6 of RFC3916 are supposed to be addressed.

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