Deprecation of Type 0 Routing Headers in IPv6
RFC 5095

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Comment (2007-10-02)
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  From Gen-ART Review by Elwyn Davies.

  Section 3: "IPv6 nodes **MUST NOT process** RH0 in packets whose
  destination address in the IPv6 header is an address assigned to them.
  Such packets...":  The rest of the section then goes on to describe
  just how the node processes the header!  I think it should say
  something like: "An IPv6 node that receives a packet with a 
  destination address assigned to it and containing an RH0 extension
  header MUST NOT execute the algorithm specified in the latter part
  of Section 4.4 of [RFC2460] for RH0. Instead such packets..."

  Section 4.2, 1st paragraph: The abbreviation RH is not defined
  (only RH0) so s/type-2 RH/type 2 Routing Header/

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