MIB for the UDP-Lite protocol
RFC 5097

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

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Comment (2007-10-16 for -)
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Editorial nits in Section 4, paragraph 3:

s/module ay be used/module may be used/
s/imply information/infer information/

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Comment (2007-10-17)
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1. New text:
"for UDP-Lite should resemble the that of UDP [RFC4113], with"
                              ^^^^^^^^^^^ Need to fix grammar.

2. In the original MIB Doctor review: 

> 13) Typo in DESCRIPTION of udpliteEndpointTable:
>     "In all cases where the remote is a wildcard, the"
>     Insert "address" after "remote".

NOW: "In all cases where the remote is a wildcard address,"

"remote" is not a noun, so I still consider this grammatically wrong...
"address" was inserted in the wrong place in the sentence.  Should be "In all cases where the remote address is a wildcard,"

3. It is preferable to avoid mentioning RFC numbers in the Abstract section, as these may change while this specification says. 

4. Also in the Abstract s/MIB entities/MIB objects/

5. in Section 1.1 - s/Another contrast to UDP/Another difference from the UDP MIB module/

6. DESCRIPTION clauses of udpliteEndPointLocalAddress and udpliteEndPointLocalAddress include the phrase 'else the information cannot be accessed using SNMPv1, SNMPv2c, or SNMPv3.' This is problematic because they mention older SNMP versions which are not standard, and because the limitation that is being alluded is not only of SNMP but also of the SMI. I suggest to drep this text or to replace it by 'this is because of SNMP and SMI limitations'. 

7. DESCRIPTION clause of udpliteEndpointMinCoverage s/If set to 0,/A value of 0 indicates that/

8. Section 4, paragraph 3 - s/ay/may/

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