Label Switched Path Stitching with Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching Traffic Engineering (GMPLS TE)
RFC 5150

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Comment (2007-08-16)
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  From the Gen-ART Review by Francis Dupont

  Comments: there are only some editorial comments, i.e., things which
  should be handled by the RFC editor:
  - abstract page 2: from from -> from
  - TOC page 3: for LSP_ATTRIBUTES Object -> for the ...?
  - 2 page 5: are required -> are required to
  - 5.1 page 8: LSP ([RFC3473]), to -> LSP ([RFC3473]) to
  - 5.1.1 page 8: some other e2e LSP. -> some other e2e LSPs.?
  - 5.1.1 page 8: in the Resv, -> in the Resv message,
  - page 9: in the Resv Label. -> in the Resv message.?
  - 5.1.2 page 10: bandwidth, local TE -> bandwidth or local TE
  - 5.1.2 page 11: a Path Msg -> a Path message
  - 5.1.2 page 11: a PathErr with the error codes ->
    a PathErr message with the error code?
  - 5.1.3 page 11: I can't parse this sentence (commas?):
    An e2e LSP traversing an S-LSP, SHOULD record in the RRO for that
    hop, an identifier corresponding to the S-LSP TE link.
  - 5.2.3 page 14: PCE -> Path Computation Element
  - 10 page 18: please add ", USA" after ZIP codes.

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