ARPANET accounts
RFC 518

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Network Working Group                                         N. Vaughan
Request for Comments: 518                                     UCSB-MOD75
NIC: 16817                                                    J. Feinler
                                                            19 June 1973

                            ARPANET ACCOUNTS

   This RFC is being issued in response to numerous requests for
   information on opening an account at a given site on the ARPAnet.  If
   you have any changes or additions, please send them to Jake Feinler
   (ident JAKE for the NIC journal, FEINLER@SRI-ARC for sndmsg) before
   July 15, 1973 for inclusion in the next Resource Notebook (NIC 6740).



   Address:    NASA AMES Research Center
               Mail Stop 233-7
               Moffet Field, California 94035

   Contacts:   Sam Pitts (415) 965-5016
               Sally Rogallo (415) 965-6008

   Accounts:  -Experimental accounts are available with limited file
               storage. Contact Sally Rogallo for information.

              -Does sell computer time; contact Sam Pitts.


   Address:    Bolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc.
               Research Computer Center
               50 Moulton Street
               Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

   Contacts:   Ted Strollo (617) 491-1850 x349
               Bill Diskin (617) 491-1850 x345

   Accounts:  -Initial experimental use of the Research Computer Center
               can be arranged through Ted Strollo.

Vaughan, et. al.                                                [Page 1]
RFC 518                     ARPANET ACCOUNTS                19 June 1973

              -To open an account and/or for information on opening an
               account (when buying computer time) on TENEX, a purchase
               order should be sent to Bill Diskin, Contract Manager, at
               BBN along with a name and phone number which the
               Operations Manager may call to assign the user an ID code
               and account number.


   Address:    Case Western Reserve University
               Andrew R. Jennings Computing Center
               Crawford Hall, Room 311
               10900 Euclid Avenue
               Cleveland, Ohio 44106

   Contact:    Gail Moore (216) 368-2984

   Accounts:  -Limited use experimental accounts (no file storage with
               these) are available to Network users only upon
               individual request, which requires a letter requesting an
               account and password.

              -Does sell computer time; however, charges are not to
               exceed $50 a month.

CMU-10A & CMU-10B

   Address:    Carnegie-Mellon University
               Computer Science Department
               Pittsburg, Pennsylvania 15213

   Contacts:   Dr. Ronald Rutledge (412) 621-2600 x178
               Howard Wactler (412) 621-2600 x158

   Accounts:  -Experimental accounts are available by contacting the

              -Does not sell computer time.

Vaughan, et. al.                                                [Page 2]
RFC 518                     ARPANET ACCOUNTS                19 June 1973


   Address:    Computer Corporation of America
               575 Technology Square
               Cambridge, Massachusetts 02139

   Contact:    Don Cantor (617) 491-3670

   Accounts:  -No information is currently available; Networking
               accounts are presently being worked out. Don Cantor will
               mail documentation when available.


   Address:    150 Aero Camino
               Goleta, California

   Contact:    (805) 968-1813

   Accounts:  -No information currently available; contact again in
               June, 1973.


   Address:    Harvard University
               33 Oxford Street
               Cambridge, Massachusetts 02138

   Contacts:   George Mealy, Administrator (617) 495-3998
               Brad Reussow (617) 495-4147
               Bill Conrad (617) 495-4147

   Accounts:  -Have limited use experimental accounts. Type HELP and
               information will be given on these accounts and/or
               contact above.

              -Does not sell computer time.


   Address:    Nasa-Ames Research Center
               ILLIAC Project Group
               1095 Duane Court, Suite 114
               Sunnyvale, California 94016

   Contact:    Clark Oliphant (408) 735-0990

Vaughan, et. al.                                                [Page 3]
RFC 518                     ARPANET ACCOUNTS                19 June 1973

   Accounts:  -Contact above for information on services offered. As
               part of the ILLIAC project is supported by ARPA, Mr.
               Oliphant suggested that Santa Barbara contact ARPA if we
               were interested in using their facilities.
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