BGP-Based Auto-Discovery for Layer-1 VPNs
RFC 5195

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 05 and is now closed.

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Comment (2008-05-05)
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Sandy's SecDir review also identified a number of places that would
benefit from some clarification of the text, and provided editorial
comments that should be taken into acccount.

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Comment (2008-05-08 for -)
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Sandy Murphy has asked what happens if the basic security assumption
does not hold.

Given the importance of the basic trust assumption - all the participants
are trustworthy, and trust is transitive - it would also be nice if the
security considerations noted *why* the wg feels this is a reasonable
assumption.  (I assume it is based on the fact that all the peers are
members of the same provider network?)

Magnus Westerlund No Objection