Requirements for GMPLS-Based Multi-Region and Multi-Layer Networks (MRN/MLN)
RFC 5212

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Comment (2008-03-27)
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There are a number of editorial/formatting issues in this spec. Sections start the first paragraph with an extra space, Section number indents are wrong in 5.4, terms used before expanded (LSP), etc.

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Comment (2008-03-27 for -)
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While it is obvious from the Table of Contents, it would be helpful if the Introduction
noted that sections 3 and 4 provide background and the requirements are all captured
in section 5.

I am a little concerned about unstated requirements.  There are very few MUST statements
in section 5 (and some of them are MUST NOTs).  For example, section 5.7 has a number
of MAY statements but no clear requirements.  (Section 3.2.1 of mln-eval implies that
support for multi-region signaling was the requirement.)

I would encourage the authors to review section 5 to ensure that the important requirements
are clearly highlighted.

Note that this is consistent with Jari's discuss, which I support.

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Comment (2008-05-06)
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Section 5.10 comes short from providing enough information on manageability requirements and operational considerations. Although one important aspect of the specific management model is well observed (the need to corelate between the various layers of OAM and management protocols) there is no definition on the operational models (are the management entities located per layer, or admin domains? do admin domains cross layers?) and what kind of management operations could be performed by the refered MIB modules or OAM protocols.

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