LDP Extension for Inter-Area Label Switched Paths (LSPs)
RFC 5283

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Comment (2008-05-08)
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From Shawn Emery's SecDir review:
Acronyms (LER, LSR, NHLFE, etc.) should be expanded on first use.

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Comment (2008-05-07 for -)
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(As noted by Shawn Emery in his Secdir review)

In section 4,

s/set-up the fist inter-area LSPs/set-up the first inter-area LSPs/

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Comment (2008-05-21 for -)
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Although the document does not include a dedicated Operational and Manageability considerations section valuable information about configurability and deployment is described in sections 5 and 7. This is fine but one piece of information would be worth adding. The first paragraph in section 5 says:

   This document defines a new label mapping procedure for [LDP]. It is 
   applicable to IPv4 and IPv6 prefix FEC elements (addresses families 1 
   and 2 as per [ASSIGNED_AF]). It MUST be possible to activate / 
   deactivate this procedure by configuration and it SHOULD be 
   deactivated by default. It MAY be possible to activate it on a per 
   prefix basis. 

This alludes to the need to add new management objects to the MPLS MIB modules, including a way to activaye/deactivate the label mapping procedure per prefix and a DEFAULT value for this object. I suggest that appropriate wording about future work on this respect is added to Section 5.

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