Hierarchical Mobile IPv6 (HMIPv6) Mobility Management
RFC 5380

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Comment (2008-04-19)
Section 14., paragraph 0:
> 14.  References

  Document contains a six or so unused references, suggest to remove

Section 14.2., paragraph 3:
> [RFC4068]  Koodli, R., "Fast Handovers for Mobile IPv6", RFC 4068,
>            July 2005.

  I think this should cite draft-ietf-mipshop-fmipv6-rfc4068bis.

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Comment (2008-04-24)
  s/Figure 1: Figure 1:/Figure 1:/

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Comment (2008-04-24)
I found one acronym in Section 6.1 that isn't explained nor used again: DAD

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