Internet Message Store Events
RFC 5423

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Comment (2008-08-14 for -)
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Given that the defined attributes do not contain interesting fields
such as Subject or From, does it mean that this facility is only
useful if you (a) intend to fetch every new message anyway or (b)
always supply message content? I'd like to understand why the design
is like this.

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Comment (2008-08-11)
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  The LEMONADE charter says "The IAB is currently working on the
  specification of general guidelines and requirements for notification
  services. Once complete this work will be used as input to item 4
  above." (Work item 4 is on notifications.) Has this IAB document
  materialized? The document doesn't refer to it at least, and the
  tracker has no shepherd writeup where I could find out about this.

Section 4.2., paragraph 7:
>       The flagNames MUST not include \Recent.

  Using lowercase 'not' together with uppercase 'MUST' is not an
  accepted usage according to RFC 2119.  Please use 'MUST NOT' (if that
  is what you mean).

Section 5., paragraph 10:
>       The IP address of the message store access client which performed
>       the action which triggered the notification.

  Changing "the IP address" to "the IPv4 or IPv6 address" would make it
  clearer that both are allowed.

Section 9.1., paragraph 3:
>    [RFC2434]  Narten, T. and H. Alvestrand, "Guidelines for Writing an
>               IANA Considerations Section in RFCs", BCP 26, RFC 2434,
>               October 1998.

  Obsolete normative reference: RFC 2434 (Obsoleted by RFC 5226)

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