LDP IGP Synchronization
RFC 5443

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- 'LDP IGP Synchronization '
   <draft-ietf-mpls-ldp-igp-sync-05.txt> as an Informational RFC

This document is the product of the Multiprotocol Label Switching Working 

The IESG contact persons are David Ward and Ross Callon.

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Technical Summary

   In certain networks there is a dependency on edge-to-edge Label 
   Switched Paths (LSPs) setup by Label Distribution Protocol (LDP), 
   e.g., networks that are used for MultiProtocol Label Switching 
   (MPLS) Virtual Private Network (VPN) applications. For such 
   applications it is not possible to rely on Internet Protocol (IP) 
   forwarding if the MPLS LSP is not operating appropriately. 
   Blackholing of labeled traffic can occur in situations where the 
   Interior Gateway Protocol (IGP) is operational on a link but LDP is 
   not operational on that link. While the link could still be used for 
   IP forwarding, it is not useful for MPLS forwarding, for example, 
   MPLS VPN; Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) route free core; or IP 
   address carried in the packet is out of the RFC 1918 [RFC 1918] 
   space. This document describes a mechanism to avoid traffic loss due 
   to this condition without introducing any protocol changes. 

Working Group Summary

   No dissent

Document Quality

   There are several known interoperable implementations of this
technology. The idea is now quite old. 


   Dave Ward