IANA Registration of New Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Resource-Priority Namespaces
RFC 5478

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Comment (2008-10-19)
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  The following 50 SIP namespaces are created by this document:

     dsn-000000      drsn-000010      rts-000020      crts-000000   
     dsn-000001      drsn-000011      rts-000021      crts-000001   
     dsn-000002      drsn-000012      rts-000022      crts-000002
     dsn-000003      drsn-000013      rts-000023      crts-000003
     dsn-000004      drsn-000014      rts-000024      crts-000004
     dsn-000005      drsn-000015      rts-000025      crts-000005
     dsn-000006      drsn-000016      rts-000026      crts-000006
     dsn-000007      drsn-000017      rts-000027      crts-000007
     dsn-000008      drsn-000018      rts-000028      crts-000008
     dsn-000009      drsn-000019      rts-000029      crts-000009

  The example used in the second half of section 2 makes use of
  dsn-000010, which is not defined in the list.  Please use a
  defined namespace in this discussion.

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Comment (2008-10-22)
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I can accept the introductory statement:

  "DISA has a requirement to be able to assign different
   Resource-Priority namespaces to differing groups of differing sizes
   throughout their networks.  Examples of this may be"

but I must quibble with the second example: 

   - some departments within the government (Homeland Security,
     Commerce, Treasury)

Since when were Commerce and Treasury part of DISA's networks?

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