Multicast Group Membership Discovery MIB
RFC 5519

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Comment (2007-09-17 for -)
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  From Gen-ART review by Pasi Eronen.

  1) Section 3: " All tables are intended for EITHER router OR host
  functionality as indicated by the name and corresponding description,
  although it is anticipated that there would be scenarios where both
  terms might apply to a device, e.g. a router which joins a multicast
  group also as a host for measurement purposes."

  At least in the case of IPv6, a router is required to join certain
  multicast groups, right? And even in IPv4, wouldn't a router
  normally join

  2) Terminology: The term "MGMDv1" (and "MGMDv2", "MGMDv3") is
  used in several places: does this mean IGMPv1, MLDv1, both of 
  them, is this some weirdness caused by a search-replace accident?

  3) Description of "mgmdRouterInterfaceProxyIfIndex" object:
  "Such a device would implement the mgmdV2RouterBaseMIBGroup"
  I can't find the definition of "mgmdV2RouterBaseMIBGroup" anywhere?

  4) The security considerations section is a bit confused about what
  object belongs to what table. For example, to me it looks like
  mgmdRouterInterfaceVersion would be in mgmdRouterInterfaceTable, not

  5) The following objects seem to have read-create MAX-ACCESS, 
  but are not mentioned in the security considerations section:
  mgmdHostInterfaceStatus, mgmdHostInterfaceVersion,

  6) There is no discussion about what MIB objects (if any) might
  contain sensitive information.

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I am assuming that the issues are corrected that others have pointed out.

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