SIP Interface to VoiceXML Media Services
RFC 5552

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Comment (2009-02-24)
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Section 2.1, page 12, 3rd paragraph after ABNF:

>   Since some applications may choose to transfer confidential
>   information, the VoiceXML Media Server MUST support the sip: scheme
>   as discussed in Section 9.

I believe this should say "sips:" instead of "sip:" to be consistent
with Section 9.

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Comment (2009-02-26)
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The following issue was raised in the OPS-DIR review by Tina Tsou. 

In section 9 Security Considerations, it says SRTP should be supported to provide confidentiality, authentication, and replay protection for RTP media streams (including RTCP control traffic). However, in above use cases, all the message types are RTP/SRTP. In RTP case, how to guarantee security? So I suggest change “RTP/SRTP” to “RTP and SRTP” in all the use cases or to any other expressions to well express the problem.

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