Secure Shell Transport Model for the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)
RFC 5592

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> Operators have reported that deploying
> another user and key management infrastructure in order to use SNMPv3
> is a reason for not deploying SNMPv3.

Maybe better as "... having to deploy another user ..."

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In the IANA section you have
       It would be good
       if the assigned keywords were "snmpssh" and "snmpssh-trap" and
       the port numbers were x161 and x162.
You may find it helpful to clarify to IANA what the "x" represents.
In their note in the IDtracker they don't indicate whether they
have understood your intention (as, indeed, I don't!).

In snmpSSHDomain you have:
-- RFC Ed.: Please replace the I-D reference with a proper one once it
-- has been published.
I can't see any I-D reference that you are refering to.

As my friend Mr. Romascanu likes to say...
Adding optional UNITS clauses to the definition of the objects with
Counter32 and Counter64 SYNTAX would be useful.

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5.  Elements of Procedure


   To simplify the elements of procedure, the release of state
   information is not always explicitly specified.  As a general rule,
   if state information is available when a message gets discarded, the
   message-state information should also be released, and if state
   information is available when a session is closed, the session state
   information should also be released.

Authors explained to me that this text talks about memory management.
I think it would be better to clarify that.

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