The Datagram Congestion Control Protocol (DCCP) Service Codes
RFC 5595

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Comment (2009-05-07)
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Also, gcc says "suggest parentheses around arithmetic
in operand of |".

The document says:

   o  It preserves the four bits of the final bytes of the Service Code,
      allowing mapping common series of Service Codes to adjacent ports,
      e.g. Foo1, and Foo2; and Fooa and Foob would be assigned adjacent

True, but you maybe you should also mention that this only applies
on 0-9 and A-O and P-Z, not between them... because of the 4 bits and
how ASCII codes have been defined. E.g., 

SC:srva => 62481
SC:srvb => 62482
SC:srvn => 62494
SC:srvo => 62495
SC:srvp => 62464

That is, there is a discontinuity between O and P.

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support Tim's discuss

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Comment (2009-04-12 for -)
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The document should have an informative reference for ASCII:

   [ANSI.X3-4.1986]  American National Standards Institute, "Coded
                     Character Set - 7-bit American Standard Code for
                     Information Interchange", ANSI X3.4, 1986.

Am I correct that the SC: convention can't be used to represent full range of Service Codes?

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I support Pasi's discuss regarding section 4.  If this content is important to this document, it needs to be reflected throughout (e.g, covered in the intro and security considerations...)

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Support Pasi's comment about section 4.

Also note that the URI for iperf in the references has not resolved since I started trying it a couple of days ago.

Magnus Westerlund No Objection