Pseudowire (PW) Management Information Base (MIB)
RFC 5601

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Comment (2008-06-17)
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  Please delete this paragraph from the Introduction:
  > Comments should be made directly to the PWE3 mailing list at

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Comment (2008-06-16)
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1. Since the last version of this document was published RFC2434 was obsoleted by RFC5226.

2. Section 6 'Structure of the MIB module' refers only to the PW-STD-MIB module. In fact this document also defines IANA-PWE3-MIB. The section should be renamed 'Structure of the MIB modules' and include information about the latest. 

3. I suggest to document the enumerated values in the TCs in the IANA-PWE3-MIB with one line of explanation - expanding acronyms and maybe providing also a reference for each. This would help future users of the TCs when they will access the information directly from the IANA repositories.

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