Simple SIP Usage Scenario for Applications in the Endpoints
RFC 5638

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I would like to discuss the state of RFC 3428 ("SIP Extension for Instant Messaging") deployments during the telechat. This is mostly for my education.

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Can you add an example of a "Rich Internet Application (RIA)"?  BTW, the acronym only needs to be expanded once, at first use (or maybe twice, once int he Abstract and once in the main body of the I-D).

I couldn't find the examples of controls for RIA at (reference 29).  Can you give a more specific pointer or more details on how to find the RIA controls at this site?

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Comment (2009-06-18)
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I don't understand the statement in the Abstract that...
   For Internet-centric usage, the number of SIP related standards for 
   presence, IM and audio/video communications can be drastically 
   reduced by using only the rendezvous and session initiation 
   capabilities of SIP.

Surely the objective of this work is not a reduction in the number of
"standards". If you wanted to achieve that, you would simply concatenate
the text from all existing documents and republish as just one standard.

Anyway, I don't think your work reduces the number of "standards". I 
think the real objective of your work is to provide a profile of the
existing SIP "standards" that offers an opportunity to reduce the 
complexity of implementations, reduce the number of features that need
to be implemented, and provide an easier assessment of conformance.


   This approach for SIP reduces the number of SIP standards to comply 
   with, currently from roughly 100 and still growing, to about 10. 

I know that 11 is "about 10", but it isn't so hard to count and be
precise :-)


I am suspiscious of the grouping of all references as Informative.
Several of these references are necessary prerequisites for 
understanding this document and should be marked as normative.

Furthermore, Section 4 is titled "Minimal Set of Mandatory SIP
References" and this seems to be in direct conflict with the text in 
Section 10 that states...

   Since this is an informative memo, we provide no list of mandatory 
   SIP related standards, but only an informative list of SIP related 
   standards and Internet-Drafts that serve us for the purpose of a 
   simple toolkit for SIP.

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