Requirements of an MPLS Transport Profile
RFC 5654

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Subject: Protocol Action: 'MPLS-TP Requirements' to Proposed Standard

The IESG has approved the following document:

- 'MPLS-TP Requirements '
   <draft-ietf-mpls-tp-requirements-10.txt> as a Proposed Standard

This document is the product of the Multiprotocol Label Switching Working Group. 

The IESG contact persons are Adrian Farrel and Ross Callon.

A URL of this Internet-Draft is:

Technical Summary

This document specifies the requirements of an MPLS Transport Profile
(MPLS-TP). This document is a product of a joint International
Telecommunications Union (ITU)-IETF effort to include an MPLS Transport
Profile within the IETF MPLS and PWE3 architectures to support the
capabilities and functionalities of a packet transport network as defined
by International Telecommunications Union - Telecommunications
Standardization Sector (ITU-T).

This work is based on two sources of requirements; MPLS and PWE3
architectures as defined by IETF, and packet transport networks as defined
by the ITU-T.

The requirements expressed in this document are for the behavior of the
protocol mechanisms and procedures that constitute building blocks out of
which the MPLS transport profile is constructed. The requirements are not
implementation requirements.

Working Group Summary

No controversies, but lots of discussion that has converged on this

Document Quality

This is a requirements document, implementations will follow when we have
the protocol specifications. 

Note that this document is a requirement document, for reasons that have
to do with referencibility by ITU-T we have opted to put it on the
standards track. The same decision applies to all MPLS-TP requirement


Loa Andersson ( is the document shepherd.
Adrian Farrel ( is the responsible AD.