Guidance on Interoperation and Implementation Reports for Advancement to Draft Standard
RFC 5657

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Comment (2009-07-01)
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Section 5.3., paragraph 0:
> 5.3.  Schemas, languages and formats

  As another example for this section, you may also want to add an
  informative reference to draft-bradner-metricstest, which is the basis
  of a (to-be-submitted) work item in IPPM that will define how
  performance metrics advance along the standards track.

(Adrian Farrel) Yes

(Tim Polk) Yes

(Dan Romascanu) (was Discuss) Yes

Comment (2009-08-04)
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1. Section 3 - Format

> The format of implementation and interoperability reports MUST be
   ASCII text with line-breaks for readability. 

This is slightly inconsistent with the recommendation for formating text in the Internet-Drafts at

> Internet-Drafts must be in ASCII. No 8-bit characters are currently allowed. If you need to include code points, a suggestion might be to use the unicode convention: U+XXXX, where X is a hexadecimal digit

2. s/Author  Identify the author of the report/Author: Identify the author of the report/

Magnus Westerlund Yes

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Comment (2009-06-19 for -)
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It would be nice if the document talks about early implementations (as discussed during the IETF LC) and how they my not match the final document being progressed. But I don't think this is a blocker for the document.

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