Object-Based Parallel NFS (pNFS) Operations
RFC 5664

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Comment (2008-12-04)
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> use of IPSEC

correct capitalization is IPsec

> The server computes the capability key using
> its own view of the systemid associated with the respective deviceid
> present in the credential.  If the client's view of the deviceid
> mapping is stale, the client will use the wrong systemid (which must
> be system-wide unique) and the I/O request to the OSD will fail to
> pass the integrity check verification.
> To recover from this condition the client should report the error and
> return the layout using LAYOUTRETURN, and invalidate all the device
> address mappings associated with this layout.  The client can then
> ask for a new layout if it wishes using LAYOUTGET

Is it really the client that should report the error, not the server?

> ///    uint64_t                oda_lun;

The concept "lun" is mentioned only twice in the document, and never
explained. Please explain.

> SHOULD provide a zero-length oti_scsi_device_id<> opaque value Note

Garbled text.

> P+Q encoding scheme [  Internet-Draft pnfs objects June 2008 Codes, Part I"'>17].  In this layout, the last two component

Garbled text.

> The most common source of these errors is media errors, but other
> internal errors might cause this.

"... cause this as well" might be better.

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