Unintended Consequences of NAT Deployments with Overlapping Address Space
RFC 5684

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Thank you to the authors and RFC Ed for the changes made to this document.

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I'm confused by the example in section 3.2.4.  Does the example discuss hijacking inbound mail, outbound mail or IMAP/POP access?  

Does this sentence from the second paragraph in 3.2.4 refer to NAT-2 in figure 1.1:

   Ideally, ISPs should not use NAT devices to provide connectivity to
   their customers.

LSNs (large scale NATs) seem to be an inevitable example of deployments like NAT-2.  Perhaps section 3.2.4 could be expanded to explain how NAT-2 and NAT-3 would be configured to accommodate inbound mail to a mail server on Host G?

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