GEOPRIV Layer 7 Location Configuration Protocol: Problem Statement and Requirements
RFC 5687

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Comment (2009-06-25 for -)
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In Section 6:

   The following requirements and assumptions have been identified:

   Requirement L7-1: Identifier Choice

      The L7 LCP MUST be able to carry different identifiers or MUST
      define an identifier that is mandatory to implement.

Did you mean "identifier type" here?

      the latter aspect, such an identifier is only appropriate if it is
      from the same realm as the one for which the location information
      service maintains identifier to location mapping.

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Comment (2009-07-01)
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There are plenty of acronyms not expanded at the first occurence: USB, DSL, PPoE, etc.

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There are some typo/grammar issues with the Note blocks added to the start of Sections 4 and 5 that need to be corrected before publication.