MPLS Forwarding Benchmarking Methodology for IP Flows
RFC 5695

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This sentence in Section 2 doesn't parse:
   The fact that MPLS forwarding
   places a different burden on the resources of the network forwarding
   devices from that of IP forwarding, MPLS forwarding benchmarking
   specifics are desired.

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Comment (2009-08-26)
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A variety of nits...

Figure 1

The text refers to DUT ports DA1...DAp and DB1...DBp, but the figure only shows DA1, DA2, DB1, and DB2.

Section 4

"p => 2" might more usually be expressed as "p >= 2"

Section 4.1.1

I am uncomfortable with the equation of "remote network" with "MPLS FEC". Perhaps you can say "IP Prefix FEC".


Section 4.1.2

Is the term "highly RECOMMENDED" a new contribution for draft-ietf-rfc2119bis-00.txt?

I think you can either stay with "RECOMMENDED" or move to "MUST".



   This document requires only a single entry in
   the MPLS label stack in an MPLS packet.

I think you intend to go further, don't you? Specifically, you don't support more than one label in the stack.





Section 4.1.5

Your section numbers referenced are out by -0.0.1

See,, and 4.1.3.

May be endemic. Check the whole document.


Section 4.1.7


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