Sieve Email Filtering: MIME Part Tests, Iteration, Extraction, Replacement, and Enclosure
RFC 5703

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 09 and is now closed.

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Comment (2009-08-12)
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It could be useful if the examples 9.1 and 9.2 included a warning
saying that circumventing these tests is easy (e.g. the list of file
extensions that are considered "executable and unsafe" by Outlook is
almost 100 entries, and other Content-Types may be used, too), so the
SIEVE code here is not intended to be used in real world.

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Comment (2009-07-18)
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I think the Introduction is a bit terse.
It should at least have a very brief statement about what Sieve is with
a reference to RFC 5228. This would then give context to the statement
   This extension defines mechanisms for
   performing tests on MIME body parts...


Section 2.


   Conventions for notations are as in [RFC5228] section 1.1. would be helpful to include a normative reference to RFC 5234


Section 4.1

   Usage:  The definition of [MIMEOPTS] is:

I am not so hot on ABNF, but shouldn't this read...

   Usage:  The definition of MIMEOPTS is:

as the [] is an ABNF notation not part of the name.

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Comment (2009-08-14)
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There is at least one occurrence of "SIEVE" in section 11, but most (all?) other occurrences are "Sieve"

For consistency, suggest the global change

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