Partial Lock Remote Procedure Call (RPC) for NETCONF
RFC 5717

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Please check to see if the YANG snippets require licensing text. I think that they do.

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2.4.2.  <partial-unlock> 

   Positive Response: 
   If the device was able to satisfy the request, an <rpc-reply> is sent 
   that contains an <ok> element.  A positive response MUST be sent even 
   if all of the locked parts of the datastore(s) have already been 

   Negative Response: 
   If the <lock-id> parameter does not identify a lock which is owned by 
   the session, an ’invalid-value’ error is returned. 

Are there other ways in which the <partial-unlock> can fail?

2.5.  Modifications to Existing Operations 

   A successful partial lock will cause a subsequent operation to fail 
   if that attempts [...]

s/that/that operation/ ?

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Steve's review included a number of editorial comments the authors may wish to consider.

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