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IPv6 Configuration in Internet Key Exchange Protocol Version 2 (IKEv2)
RFC 5739


(Tim Polk)

No Objection

Lars Eggert
(Alexey Melnikov)
(Cullen Jennings)
(Lisa Dusseault)
(Robert Sparks)
(Ron Bonica)


(Pasi Eronen)

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

Lars Eggert
No Objection
Jari Arkko Former IESG member
(was Discuss) Yes
Yes (2009-10-22) Unknown
> This approach complicates the use of Cryptographically Generates
> Addresses [CGA]. 


> The original 3GPP standards for IPv6 assigned a single IPv6 address
> to each mobile phone, resembling current IKEv2 payloads.

Was this really a standard at the time? I do not remember this far
back, but I was under the impression that there were only proposals
on the table, and after discussion with the IETF the eventual standard
came to be what it is today.

> The LINK_ID notification is included in CREATE_CHILD_SA requests to
> indicate that the SA being created is related to the virtual link.
> If this notification is not included, the CREATE_CHILD_SA requests is
> related to the real interface.

How does this relationship show up on the wire? I.e., are the bits
any different if a packet is sent over the virtual link as opposed
to being sent over the real (IPsec) interface? I'm trying to understand
why this distinction matters...

> o Prefix Length (1 octets) - The length of the prefix in bits;
>   usually 64.

Question. Does this specification allow the use of < 64 bit prefixes?
Do current address autoconfiguration mechanisms allow such prefixes
to be used as a basis for assigning addresses? Do you envision the use
of a short prefix as opposed to prefix delegation when the device
needs multiple /64s?
Tim Polk Former IESG member
Yes () Unknown

Alexey Melnikov Former IESG member
No Objection
No Objection () Unknown

Cullen Jennings Former IESG member
No Objection
No Objection () Unknown

Lisa Dusseault Former IESG member
No Objection
No Objection () Unknown

Robert Sparks Former IESG member
No Objection
No Objection () Unknown

Ron Bonica Former IESG member
No Objection
No Objection () Unknown

Russ Housley Former IESG member
(was Discuss) No Objection
No Objection (2009-10-21) Unknown
  The Gen-ART Review by Avshalom Houri on 2009-09-24 suggested a
  section describing how the requirements in section 3 are being 
  addressed by the solution.
Pasi Eronen Former IESG member
Recuse () Unknown