IANA Registry Update for Support of the SEED Cipher Algorithm in Multimedia Internet KEYing (MIKEY)
RFC 5748

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Comment (2009-10-24 for -)
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I cleared.

My Discuss said...

> I note that the IANA registries that are added to have "undefined" 
> registration procedures (presumably because section 4.2.9 of
> RFC 3830 is vague). But section 10 of RFC 3830 says that "Unless 
> explicitly stated otherwise, values in the range 0-240 for each name 
> space SHOULD be approved by the process of IETF consensus."
> Would someone take the action of helping IANA get the registries 
> updated?

Brian Weis says...

| I guess as the current WG chair for the WG that published RFC 3830
| I am probably the "delegated responsible person (TM)" for getting
| it fixed. :-)  I'll do what I can, and check with my AD to see if
| he can issue you the assurance you're looking for

I'm hoping that this will get picked up and resolved.

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I have a similar concern as the one expressed by Cullen, considering whether this document should not be marked as updating RFC 3830. It is difficult to understand how people reading that RFC would be aware that the one byte registries defined in 6.10.1.b and 6.10.1.d have more values assigned - they need to go and look into the IANA registries to figure out and this looks clumsy.

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