Analysis of Inter-Domain Routing Requirements and History
RFC 5773

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Technical Summary

   This document analyses the state of the Internet domain-based routing
   system, concentrating on Inter-Domain Routing (IDR) and also
   considering the relationship between inter-domain and intra-domain
   routing.  The analysis is carried out with respect to RFC 1126 and
   other IDR requirements and design efforts looking at the routing
   system as it appeared to be in 2001 with editorial additions
   reflecting developments up to 2006.  It is the companion document to
   "A Set of Possible Requirements for a Future Routing Architecture"
   [I-D.irtf-routing-reqs], which is a discussion of requirements for
   the future routing architecture, addressing systems developments and
   future routing protocols.  This document summarizes discussions held
   several years ago by members of the IRTF Routing Research Group (IRTF
   RRG) and other interested parties.  The document is published with
   the support of the IRTF RRG as a record of the work completed at that
   time, but with the understanding that it does not necessarily
   represent either the latest technical understanding or the technical
   concensus of the research group at the date of publication.

Working Group Summary

   This is an IRTF output, and is being considered by the IESG only 
   to consider whether there is any overlap or conflict with IETF work. 

Document Quality

   This is an informational document which is not subject to
   implementation. It has been carefully reviewed in the IRTF. 


   Ross Callon has agreed to shepherd this through IESG review. 

RFC Editor Note
   This work does not conflict with IETF work, and we recommend that 
   the RFC editor publish this document.