Considerations for Civic Addresses in the Presence Information Data Format Location Object (PIDF-LO): Guidelines and IANA Registry Definition
RFC 5774

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Comment (2009-07-01)
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Section 6173, paragraph 36:
>    The element A5 holds the Katastralgemeindename (cadastral
>    municipality), the Katastralgemeindekennziffer (the identifier), or

  This is the only place where Katastralgemeindekennziffer appears in
  the document - do you mean Katastralgemeindenummer?

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Comment (2009-06-30)
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Updated to add a forgotten comment...

from section 1:

   For some countries Section 3.4 of [RFC4776] already contains
   considerations on the use of administrative sub-division elements.
   It's important to note that those examples are outdated, because RFC
   5139 [RFC5139] disallows the use of the 'A6' elements for street

I suggest that this document register these examples in the new IANA registry
as "obsolete" for completeness.

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