Traffic Classification and Quality of Service (QoS) Attributes for Diameter
RFC 5777

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Comment (2009-06-29 for -)
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Minor editorial comments:
* In the first sentence of section 4.2.5, s/Day-of-Week-Month/Day-Of-Month-Mask/
* In the first sentence of section 4.2.6, s/Month-of-Year-Month/Month-of-Year-Mask/

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Comment (2009-07-01)
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Section, paragraph 1:
>    The Port-Start AVP (AVP Code TBD) is of type Integer32 and specifies
>    the first port number of an IP port range.

  Ports are not IP-layer entities. They only have meaning within
  specific transport protocols, you can't talk about them without tying
  them to a transport protocol. (Also note that DCCP for example also
  uses service codes in addition to ports!)

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Comment (2009-09-05 for -)
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I cleared by Discuss based on comments from Max Riegel that the filters already exist in equipment and can be configured manually. This work simply provides a protocol mechanism for distributing the configuration.

I would like the authors to consider two comments.

1. Should you at least tell the SDOs that own the technology that you have eveloped a protocol mechanism for distributing the filters that can be used in relation to their technology?

2. Would it be helpful if the I-D said somewhere "this type of filter already exists in lots of hardware especially WiMAX boxes and these protocol extensions simply allow the distribution of information to configure existing filters?

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It is hard for me to see how the general security considerations for Diameter can be sufficient for QoS.  QoS features have a specific threat model, with some threats that other Diameter applications don't have and vice versa.